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Lizzie Solly





I watched an American video about Tamagotchi’s before writing this article and was surprised that the narrator pronounced it tama-goat-chi. Is it just the accent difference? 

Our poll showed that 96% of you say tama-got-chi so I think it’s fair to say it is just the American accent that threw me off whoops. 

Can we please take a minute to remember the joy of taking care of a Tamagotchi!  

Wearable pets were at peak popularity in 1996, (fair to say if you didn’t have one you likely felt left out).  The digital pets allowed you to feed, play and clean them to ensure their mood was happy.

When they first came out, they were so popular that 10 million of the toys were sold in the first year. Then by 2019, over 82 million were sold. It’s incredible how many children wanted to look after a little digital pet. 

The average life span of a Tamagotchi was only 12 days, but I found out that the longest living Tamagotchi lived for 145 years! Wow, that is impressive. Apparently, the old models used to reset the lifespan at 99 but now an adult will live for as long as they are looked after without care mistakes. 

Taking your Tamagotchi to school was so much fun. Bumping yours and your friends together to play games was a highlight of lunch breaks.  

Tamagotchi’s are still around today but the new models can take photos! They cost around $40 now so why not take a trip down memory lane and get another Tamagotchi friend?